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A Lifetime Experience at Singita Grumeti

A Lifetime Experience at Singita Grumeti

Safari Journal and Travel Photos by Cami Sharp. Styling and Presentation by Guided Safaris®


“People were surprised when I told them I was going to stay in a tent…Like a tent? Well, like a luxury 1920’s style, air conditioned, furnished tent! I would definitely encourage anyone thinking about taking a trip like this to do it, even if it’s on their own. I am pretty independent and didn’t mind eating or touring alone, but it was also nice to have the option of talking to people when I wanted. It sort of made me feel like a celebrity being there alone, as if I was ‘very important’ and needed time to escape…(haha!). Like I said, everyone was really nice and made me feel totally comfortable the whole time. If a 29 year old girl from a small town can do it by herself, then anyone can do it…”


My first experience with Guided Safaris was Fall 2010, when I stayed at Singita Lebombo in South Africa and subsequently, The Seychelles. I was so impressed with Singita from the moment I arrived. The five-star accommodations, gourmet food, attention to detail, and quality game drives absolutely blew me away. I knew I had to go back to Africa again, but I knew I wanted to experience something unique, which led me to Singita Grumeti in Tanzania. I was thrilled with the idea of staying at Sabora – in a tent on the open Serengeti. I planned my trip for Spring and spent an amazing seven days with the Singita family at Sabora. I was somewhat nervous about going alone, but my fears soon dissipated. Guided Safaris did an amazing job of coordinating my transfers, I never had to worry about missing anything or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The camp itself did not disappoint, I felt so relaxed and completely at home and they managed to maintain the same sense of luxury that I expected. The game viewing was outstanding, never before have I had the opportunity to be so close to the wildlife. I would highly recommend Singita to anyone, and specifically Singita Sabora Camp if you are looking for an adventure and an out of the ordinary experience. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world, such a wonderful group of people and memories I have to last a lifetime.


Where I Stayed…

Sabora Camp © Cami Sharp
Guided Safaris® Grumeti Reserve, Tanzania /
Visit the Camp

What I Loved…

“It was truly unforgettable. I loved staying in the tents, it was exactly what I was hoping for.

The food was excellent, I hope I didn’t offend by skipping some meals, I just could not eat any more! A girl that worked there said “It is the greatest compliment to leave Africa heavier than when you came.” Morning coffee snacks were a favorite. They always had these ‘Singita Morning Rusks’ (that I found the recipe for and am totally making these). They were these hard biscuits that you softened in your tea or coffee, they tasted nutty and sweet. They gave me a bread basket with every meal, breakfast had the best picks: wheat, a sweet berry bread and a croissant. I should have never tried the croissant. Do they taste this good everywhere?

The sky is so big, it goes on forever. I know that doesn’t make much sense but it would if you were here. According to my Guide Ray, three male lions dominate TWO prides of lionesses in this one regional area at Sabora. So, in the male Lion’s defense, he is under a lot of stress dealing with two sets of women and kids. (It’s kind of his own fault). There are 4 cubs about 100 yards away that I feel like he is supposed to be babysitting while the lioness is probably out getting dinner for all of them…(*See photos for wildlife sightings)

Such a unique experience, I cannot say enough good things about my trip. Singita Grumeti has an amazing setup there. And of course, thank you for working to make all of my transitions so easy. My flights were perfect, it was so easy for me. Several people have asked me how I arranged all of this and I said I wouldn’t use anyone but Guided Safaris.”

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