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Private Journeys
How we host you

Your exclusive family safari, all privately hosted.

AFRICA is a stunning world on its own - teeming with plentiful game and great adventure. Experiencing these sights and places with your loved ones is possibly the most moving journey you’ll ever embark on. With the expertise of our Chief Designers at Guided Safaris® we’ve crafted luxury adventures to appeal to a broad range of generations traveling together. These escapes will spark a passion for exploration in both children and adults alike, ensuring unforgettable moments from start to finish.

At a glance

• The most exclusive experiences in Africa
• Year-round wildlife in our best Private Reserves
• High-thrill Big Cat viewing and mammals
• Completely private concessions, no crowds!
• Plan and pick your own dates and schedule
• Stay at our highest-rated Signature camps
• Professional Guides with custom-built 4x4s

Try out our finest luxury safari experiences in Africa.
Your Private Family Safari
Signature Guided Safaris®
Guided Safaris® have perfected the art of luxury safaris for families. Delighting in the everyday safari life of your own private wilderness, our family safaris offer a beautiful summertime escape with your family. The simple, rustic luxury of these journeys is valued for its honest and thoughtful approach; warm people to host you on safari and some of the finest game reserves in Africa. Our most knowledgeable guides to lead you out on game drives, a private chef with an open kitchen to cook your favorite dishes and a complete lodge staff to look after your entire stay with all your preferences considered. Off the beaten path, yet easily accessible, these are our finest experiences for private family gatherings in Africa.
Private Safaris
Privately Hosted Safari
Just for you
Enter the heart of big cat country and watch the wilderness drama unfolding at our Signature game reserves. Enjoy close encounters with a variety of Big Game and your favorite mammals on this special family adventure with our Professional guides. Our Private Guides, always resident in the game reserves where they host our guests with hands-on knowledge of game patterns will help layout a completely tailor-made safari experience for your family.

Traveling with young ones? Africa is a phenomenal destination for young kids.  All ages are welcome and we’ll help match your interests to the perfect journeys with a great range of engaging sights and activities. Just pick a time of year to go.

Private Luxury Lodges in the wilderness. A personalized safari crafted to ensure lifetime memories, we offer remarkable luxury camps available for exclusive charter. From the wildest corners of Botswana where Elephants sip at your private pool to the far-flung islands of Okavango where your kids can walk alongside these giants, we have a collection of rare and unique experiences across Africa. Ideal for private families with 4 to 8 persons.
Family Reunions

Celebrate your family reunion in Africa.

Our home is yours. Celebrating a birthday or a family vacation with your new Grad; Tell us about it and  commemorate big on safari with your loved ones. We’ve hosted private events for guests taking up lodges on exclusive charter, to small and intimate gatherings for a private family dinner. We can bake a small cake with your favorites or plan an elaborate bush dinner with a tasting menu - talk to us about your special event and we’ll ensure it’ll be the most memorable vacation. The kitchens at our family-oriented lodges are always open to guests; a fun activity is getting little hands to help out in icing baked goods and adding a personal touch to the party. A family recipe can also be catered to, or you can join in the fun and roll up your sleeves to whip up your own special dish.

What you'll love

• Luxury safari accommodation
• Completely tailormade safari
• A Privately Guided Adventure

chase the sun
The Festive Safari
Holiday season in Africa
Spend December in perfect solitude and exclusivity with your loved ones. Get away from it all and let us host your winter holidays on a luxury safari in warm and beautiful Africa!  Game-rich locations and truly beautiful surroundings, coupled with bright and cheery weather all come together to ensure you’ll return home with unforgettable lifetime memories. Note: December is a very popular time for our safaris - so be sure to plan months ahead!

Set your own pace. Guided Safaris® offer a completely customized schedule designed for our family guests. Tailored activities are available for mixed-age family groups traveling with adults & teens. With our specially-assigned and experienced Guides, some of the most highly-sought after experts in the field, we offer a fun game drive plan to keep the young ones thoroughly engaged in the wilderness interactions and animals being spotted. With entertaining, interpretive guiding, both adults and kids return to lodge full with the vivid experience of magical safaris where everyday is a completely new story in the wild. In addition to high-thrill game drives each camp and lodge offers a range of activities, including guided walks, mountain biking, archery, astronomy evenings, tennis, cooking class with the chefs and also, big game fishing for enthusiasts.

Tell us your interests and we’ll help draw out a perfect safari itinerary to keep your troop happy.
fun for all ages

A no-stress way to travel with absolutely everything taken care of, from start to finish.

Our Family Safari Specialists are experts at helping coordinate with each unit in your extended family to carve out some creative ideas to help take the guess work out of planning an unforgettable journey together with your loved ones. Sometimes getting everyone together for a summer break is a task in itself - working around the kid’s school schedules, mom & dad’s vacation dates from work, getting back in time for the college game finals - we are completely on board with helping you find the perfect set of dates that can be tweaked to fit in with everyone’s summer plans. In the end, you’ll wonder how it was so much easier to get away on safari than to schedule a fishing trip in your local haunt! The ultimate reward is the fulfilling experience of seeing this unique destination filled with wild animals and surreal adventures with all your close ones by your side - it’s truly a dream!

Don’t wait to plan your trip.

Give us a call today and see just how easy it can be to get everyone on board with your surprise family vacation.

Luxury safaris
Where to stay

Our Signature Luxury Safari Camps

Our handpicked private family safari villas and lodges work perfectly for a families of all group sizes and varied ages. Many of our select family-friendly luxury camps offer specially-designed Family Suites and Villas with private living areas and viewing decks with plunge pools to offer your group comfort, privacy and space. From private 2-bedroom suites to sprawling 4 to 8 room villas, our luxurious accommodations come suited for varied family needs and sizes. One tip: Plan well in advance so availability at our accommodations doesn’t become prohibitive - summer is a great time to be on a wildlife safari and with our small and intimate camps, we tend to fill up quick for private charters.

We can help you decide.

With so many options to pick from, start a conversation with Guided Safaris® - Based on your interests, chosen time of year for travel and group size, our Chief Designers will provide the ideal recommendations and expertise to plan a perfect safari with your family.

Safari cuisine
Personalized menus
The full host of our friendly and experienced camp staff help ensure everyone’s needs are well looked after. Special meal times and exciting young rangers programs with Guides in the long African summer days keep the little ones entertained and looking forward to the next day’s adventures on safari in very comfortable surrounds.

Mouthwatering dishes served up by our camp kitchens using freshest ingredients from our farm gardens and locally-sourced ingredients for organic, homemade meals ensure you truly feel at home in our care. Custom menus are designed to your taste with special diets and requests all taken into special account for young ones and adults alike. Special requests such as vegetarian and gluten-free meal options are always catered for.

Special meals for very young ones: We offer customized menus with dietary requests for special health circumstances, or a picky-eater’s favorite flavors, all taken delicately into account. Specially-prepared, fun snack boxes are packed into game drive vehicles in case of serious munchies with out on safari. We also offer special meal times for families individually coordinated into account for all ages. Parents enjoy an elegant multiple course menu while kids are offered a mini-menu with fun plating that is served first to keep an easy rhythm during meals. Formulas or special baby food can also be given to kitchen staff and supplied according to your instruction. Just email your personal Guided Safaris® concierge in advance with details on how we can best help look after your dining needs while in our care on safari.
All I wanted to do was get back to Africa. We had not left it yet but when I would wake in the night I would lie listening, homesick for it already.
Ernest Hemingway
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For almost 30 years, the original Luxury Safari Camps & Lodges collection by Guided Safaris®  has been at the vanguard of private safari experiences through Africa’s most award-winning locations and authentic settings. Embark on an extraordinary private journey for a close to nature, insider’s perspective on the most crucial conservation models in the safari world. Bring your partner, family - or closest friends, and pick a time of year to go. We'll take care of the rest.
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