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How we host you

By far the most personalized way to go on safari.

Set in the beautiful safari frontiers of Africa, our incredibly game-rich areas are exclusive to our lodge guests, offering year-round wildlife. As standalone Private Villas parallel to our luxury safari lodges these Guided Safaris® masterpieces are designed for private charter, exclusive to your party. Every Guided Safaris® journey will have a Personal Host at camp, all house staff, executive chef and a Private Guide with tracker to take you out on safari. Fly private air charters with the most qualified pilots in Africa for complete exclusivity.

At a glance

• Our leading Private Guides to host your journey
• Our finest Private Game Reserves, far from it all
• Exceptional game viewing in our best safari locations
• Award-winning experiences with our hospitable staff
• Completely custom travel to suit every interest
• Perfect for multi-generational family travel

That perfect idea pitched at dinner, or the fun magazine clipping that got everyone excited. Conference in your family and pals to start a conversation with our leading Guided Safaris® Chief designers who've personally visited every single region and camp, tried-and-tested all our Signature safaris.

We'll help you harmoniously craft out the true safari of your dreams.
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Signature Guided Safaris®
Get ready to see an incredible amount of wildlife unrivalled by any other place in Africa! Step back into an authentic way of safaris, reviving childhood experiences in truly wild settings on this luxury adventure in our exclusive private reserves enjoying extraordinary game viewing all around. An unforgettable trip, ideal for groups of 4 or more. Discover how Guided Safaris® host you on this sustainable African journey, rooted in Maasai community and wildlife initiatives that support Black Rhino conservation and Lion protection programs on a largely important scale in Africa.
The Cicada sing an endless song in the long grass, scents drift along the earth and falling stars run over the sky. You are the privileged person to whom everything is taken.
Isaak Dinesen, Out of Africa
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For almost 30 years, the original Luxury Safari Camps & Lodges collection by Guided Safaris®  has been at the vanguard of private safari experiences through Africa’s most award-winning locations and authentic settings. Embark on an extraordinary private journey for a close to nature, insider’s perspective on the most crucial conservation models in the safari world. Bring your partner, family - or closest friends, and pick a time of year to go. We'll take care of the rest.
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