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Luxury Safaris
Balloon Safari

Nothing beats this surreal aerial safari...

Float silently, soaring above the great savannah with giraffe, zebra and impressive herds of Elephant just below you. Set amongst East Africa’s most spectacular scenery, Guided Safaris® operate our hot air ballooning in the most renowned areas of Kenya and Rwanda. The settings for this activity are so spectacular, you will simply gaze in awe across sweeping plains of the Great Rift Valley. Year-round wildlife viewing s possible from a really unique vantage point and in season, you can watch the masses of gathering migratory herds. Private hot air ballooning is also possible, on request, for a completely exclusive experience for your family or party of friends traveling together.

At a glance

• Extraordinarily beautiful settings in Africa
• Year-round game seen from a unique vantage
• Our most reputable pilots to lead your safari
• Perfect for family safaris!

Your luxury guide to high-thrill safari adventures.
Private Helicopter Safaris
Signature Guided Safaris®
What better way to travel than to make the journey itself an adventure with magnificent views and aerial excursions over the greatest geographical wonders on earth? Venturing into the most remote and extraordinary wilderness regions of Africa, our private helicopter safaris are the best kept secret in luxury adventures. See Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya the tallest mountains in Africa, all in a single trip; Chase the sun over the flamingo-rich lakes of the Great Rift Valley -- capture all the iconic moments that the safari pioneers wrote about.

Completely tailor-made to suit your interests, our luxury safari itineraries by private helicopter cover the most scenic and game-rich spots for a truly unforgettable experience!
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Hope is the thing with feathers.
Birding in Africa
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Well-known for the Great Migration spectacle and discovery site of Dr. Leakey’s hominid fossils in the regions surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro, the Great Rift Valley has an incredible reputation for exceptional wildlife experiences and endless scenic splendors. Continuing into the Albertine Rift, running along Rwanda’s towering Virungas mountain range, it provides a remarkable habitat for Gorillas and other endemic primate species, with rainforest canopy trails en route filled with tropical bird songs.  

The African continent is home to the world's second largest assemblage of birds in some of the most varied and pristine habitats remaining on earth today. Africa and its Indian Ocean Islands offer incredible avian diversity with over 2400 varieties and some 130 bird families.
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Journey out to the oldest desert on the planet
The Living Desert
Signature Namibia
With resplendent dunes, the starkly beautiful vistas and red silhouettes for which Sossusvlei is known, Namibia is one of the most outstanding places on earth filled with desert-adapted wildlife. In the dry season large concentrations of plains game, such as desert Elephant, Giraffe, Rhino and Oryx are drawn to the waterholes scattered around the fringe of the salt pans. The incredible scenery of the Skeleton Coast with it’s shipwrecks and seal colonies are a sharp contrast to the arid inland with the desert lions, offering a unique atmosphere to Namibia. With our vastly off-the-grid luxury camps operating on a sustainable safari model, our romantic star beds offering a canopy of clear night skies are perfect for star gazing.
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The smoke that thunders
Victoria Falls
Signature Zimbabwe
The world’s largest sheet of falling water, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of earth, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the sheer magnificence and power of an immense cloud of spray, the Victoria Falls are a spectacular sight. Guided Safaris® journeys position you at the fullest width of the falls in Zimbabwe. In the African summer months, the light and beautiful greenery of the park draws an abundance of migrants like kingfishers, bee-eaters, rollers and cuckoos. And, if the majestic falls weren’t stealing the show already, in a perfect safari moment, the scenery suddenly changes with Elephant and buffalo coming down to sip at the Zambezi river.
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The adventure of a lifetime
Gorilla Safari
Signature Guided Safaris®
One of the most deeply spiritual journeys on earth, a Gorilla trek is an encounter with our origins. The Volcanoes mountain range in Rwanda is one of the last places left where one can see the Great Apes in their true wilderness home. This ancient forest is home to about ten families of Silverback mountain gorillas. In keeping with the fragility of this region and to minimize impact, the government of Rwanda and the IUCN primate guidelines, currently allow a maximum of 8 people to trek in just 10 groups per day. This means that permits are extremely scarce, making this a very intimate adventure to seek out the gorillas. More importantly, our role at Guided Safaris® is to ensure that this visit is more than just a trip; that this journey largely benefits the continued safeguarding of these precious species in a responsible manner. Rather than a ‘spa hotel in the bush, every room with a pool’, we have partnered with the most respected conservation lodges in Africa to make a real and positive impact on this land and its inhabitants.
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Diving in Africa

World-Class diving and deep sea cruises

Guided Safaris® diving adventures feature various levels of PADI-certified experiences along the idyllic coastlines of East Africa to the beautiful Indian Ocean islands. From snorkeling with turtles and reef fish, to dramatic deep sea cruises seeking dolphins, tiger sharks, blue marlins, manta rays and more...  Our diving safaris offer you the very best of marine life in Africa!

What you'll love

• Luxury tailor-made diving with leading guides
• Absolutely pristine dive sites, without the crowds
• Warm, clear waters abundant with sea life
• Award-winning experiences at our private islands
• Specialized green and hawksbill turtle research
• Seasonal Southern Right whale migrations
• Each trip is deeply rooted in marine conservation

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?
Private Jet Safaris
Signature Guided Safaris®
Guided Safaris® Privately Hosted Journeys

An epic adventure set to your own travel dates, encountering no one else.

To craft your very own private escape to Africa, we’ll take care of everything from start to finish. Enjoy the luxury of very your own pilot, Private Guide, Resident staff on ground, Private butlers and Executive Chefs. Depending on the size of your party, Guided Safaris® will help you select from our custom fleet of fully-pressurized and air-conditioned Pilatus PC-12, PC-24, or; for the ultimate luxury, a private Gulfstream for a longer haul journey across the sub-Saharan continent. In keeping with a commitment to sustainable travel, each of these eco-luxury safaris has a carbon offset to minimize the impact on the environment.
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Africa is mystic. A photographer’s paradise, an escapist’s Utopia. It is what you will, and it withstands all interpretations.
Beryl Markham, West with the Night
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For almost 30 years, the original Luxury Safari Camps & Lodges collection by Guided Safaris®  has been at the vanguard of private safari experiences through Africa’s most award-winning locations and authentic settings. Embark on an extraordinary private journey for a close to nature, insider’s perspective on the most crucial conservation models in the safari world. Bring your partner, family - or closest friends, and pick a time of year to go. We'll take care of the rest.
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