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The Land of a Thousand Hills
 Rwanda’s unique landscape ranges from the towering peaks and cloud forests of the Virungas mountain range - home to the world’s largest population of Mountain Gorillas - sloping westward on to the elfin rural countryside of Lake Kivu, one of the deepest lakes on earth, dubbed ‘Little Switzerland’ for its stunning natural beauty.
Aside from the legendary Gorillas, Rwanda is an important African rainforest setting with Old Primate families and rare bird species not seen outside the Albertine Rift.


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Rwanda’s World Heritage site, the Albertine Rift is one Africa’s most biodiverse regions. The Virungas massif is a staggeringly beautiful rainforest home to half the population of the world’s Mountain Gorillas, an iconic endangered species. With surrounding views of the volcanic peaks, only a handful of travelers are permitted to trek into the wilderness to seek out habituated groups of Gorilla families, about 604 individuals, amongst other primate species accompanied by our experienced local rangers who are residents and accredited guides exclusively employed by the Volcanoes National Park.


“To someone who has never been to Rwanda, and within an-hour-and-half of entering the forest on their first morning, being in the midst of a Gorilla family... it’s truly the thrill of a lifetime.”

- Sophie Hyet, GUIDED SAFARIS®


The Nyungwe Forest is rich with flora that has thrived for millions of years, remaining within the lush even through the Ice Age. In the heart of magical Rwanda, this biodiverse region is home to 13 primate species including the rare Mangabey monkey, lively Chimps, delicate orchids and exotic birds and butterflies.

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“I shall never forget
my first encounter with gorillas. Sound preceded sight. Odor preceded sound. The air was suddenly rent by a high-pitched series of screams followed by the rhythmic chestbeats of a Great Silverback male obscured by what seemed an impenetrable wall of vegetation.” wrote primatologist Dian Fossey in her iconic 1983 book, Gorillas in the Mist.
While gorilla sightings and encounters are very reliable, as with every natural expedition, viewing is dependent on variables such as weather and tracking conditions. Rwanda is for the most part an adventure destination and many of the activities require participant to be active and in good health. Moderate to strenuous exertion including long treks and hikes are an integral part of the treks.
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Seasons + Climate

Located on a high altitude, just south of the Equator, Rwanda offers a temperate tropical climate. With the lush rainforests intermittent light rainfall occurs throughout the year in warm weather. The heavy wet season occurs from March to May and October to November. June to September and the festive season from December to February are drier and offer splendid viewing conditions.

“I spent many years longing to go to Africa, because of what the continent offered in its wilderness… Finally, I realized that dreams seldom materialize on their own.”
Gorillas in the Mist
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